Android Developer Stories: drupe and Noom expand globally by localising their apps on Google Play

Posted by Kacey Fahey, Marketing Programs Manager, Google Play

Interested in growing your app on a global scale? See how two app developers
localized their apps in unique ways to drive revenue and user engagement.


is a communications app that utilizes the openness of android to build a truly
native experience delivering highly contextual recommendations to their users
across the world.

Key to achieving international growth, drupe has translated their app in 17
languages, and their store listing page in 28 languages. This led to an increase
in conversion and retention rates. Additionally, when entering India, the team
noticed several user reviews requesting integration with a specific messaging
app widely used in the Indian market. Through a combination of this integration,
adding Hindi language translation, and other new features, drupe saw improved
performance. In six months, daily active users increased 300%, and actions per
average daily user increased 25% in the Indian market.


is a health & fitness app that has achieved an 80% increase in international
revenue growth on Android over the past three years by localizing their app with
unique cultural behaviors, cuisines, and local-market coaches.

In addition to translating their app and store listing page, Noom conducted
extensive analysis to determine the right financial model tailored to each
international market. This included evaluation of their competitive landscape
and local health and wellness spending behavior, in addition to running pricing
experiments to determine the optimal offering between subscriptions, IAPs, or a
premium app.

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